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Get That Summer Rig!

Getting Ready for Summer

You hear it all the time, summer this, summer that, bikini body this, bikini that… it’s getting a bit old. It’s actually not hard to achieve at all either. We’re going to give you the ground-breaking steps below that are required for achieving that rig, but also sustaining it!

Firstly!! Before achieving any goal in life you must first believe that you can do it. The number one reason why people give up on their goals is because of their limiting self-belief, lack of direction and ability to control their emotions. Use daily affirmations to rewire your brain for success. We talk to ourselves 93% of the time, we need to be mindful in just what exactly it is that we tell ourselves.

Start your morning with this every day: I am in great health, I am awesome! I am crushing my goals, I am committed to my plan and I fear nothing! My name is (insert name) and I am one confident, sexy mofo! Repeat this to yourself right now, how do you feel!? Smile! Do this every day, multiple times followed by gratitude, announce to yourself, all of the things you are grateful for in life that you have right now.

Secondly, sticking to a plan is crucial for goal setting, it must be measureable and achievable. The most important thing to take from any health plan is that it should become a lifestyle; It’s not a diet. So with summer just around the corner we will be sharing some tips to help you attain your summer rig.

Know your goal! What size skinny jeans do you want to get back into? What size is that bikini that you LOVE? what is required to reach your goal and what time frame are you allowing? For example, I want to lose 6 KG in 12 weeks, break it down to weekly and it’s only 500grams per week! Achievable and measurable!

Remind yourself of how much you have accomplished. Have a photo that you can look back on and feel empowered because you did it. Forget where you are now, just focus on where you want to be. The world is your oyster! It can be easy to over celebrate and over indulge once you have reached your goal. Set yourself some rewards that are beneficial like massages, spa days, hikes, holidays… you get my jist.

Train regularly! Have a routine and stick to it and don’t fall off the bandwagon. If you train at a certain timeslot every day, then keep at it! If you don’t keep working for it.. you will lose it. Remember WHY you started! Make a goal to train 4-5 times a week and take each day as it comes. If you lose sight of the true purpose, don’t stress, it makes it worse. Pick yourself up and get straight back on it. Everyone has weeks that are extra busy especially when life throws us a curve ball; these are just tests to see if we are strong enough to keep going and/or worthy of winning the battle of achieving your goal. If you don’t enjoy your training change it up. Join group training, bootcamps, fun runs.

Maintain a balance diet. Food is a big part when we are training to achieve a weight loss or body goal. What we put into our mouth will determine the results we will get. Many people under eat, as they think this will help them lose weight. This is not the case you are then depriving your body. You need to aim for 5 meals a day with the appropriate carb, fat and protein intake. This will fuel your body and speed up your metabolism which will leave you feeling on top of the world. Just be weary of the cheat meal of the binge, don’t go too hard on those ones!

Identify your downfall; this is a crucial part to attaining that summer rig that you’re working so hard for. If you can identify the triggers that lead you to making bad decisions you are then one step closer to breaking a bad habit. For example buying take away foods because you’re starving or out and about, eating out of emotions or doing what your “friends” are doing. You are the average of the top 5 people you hang around, don’t let the negative influence ruin your journey, your life, you’re writing the book! Not them!

Make sure you meal prep so you’re prepared, keep yourself occupied with a book or going for a walk, choose healthier places to eat or eat in with your friends so you don’t miss out on the social event but can stay on track. Stay strong and come up with solutions to counteract your bad habits. Before you know it you will have many good habits and a bulletproof mindset.

Lastly reward yourself. How you reward yourself is up to you, but you should definitely give yourself a treat every now and then to keep yourself going and motivated. Whether this is with a cheat meal or buying yourself something like new clothes or shoes. Everyone needs a little motivation to keep us going. When you reward yourself your brain will associate your hard work with positive reinforcement this will help you stay on track and attain that summer rig.

What do you do now? Procrastinate? Think about it even more? Start tomorrow? (you said that yesterday). Let’s goo!!! Kick some arse girls and get that spark and confidence back into your life!

Remember, you are sexy, awesome and able… to achieve anything that you want to. Just remember step 1, Believe in yourself. and the world is yours..

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