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5 Ways To Trim The Phat

5 Ways To Trim The Phat

You’re probably thinking that this blog is going to ramble on about 5 different ways that can help you lose fat…. incorrect.

The Fat that we are trimming in this blog are the outside, negative influences which impact our mental health and also our physical health. It’s important to understand the effect that this has on your quality of life.

1. Your Circle – Be careful who you spend your time with. You are the average of the top 5 people that you hang around the most. If all of your friends play tennis, there’s a fair chance that you will to. If your friends like to party, I’m assuming that you do to. But I’m not telling you to cull your friendships, I’m just telling you to spend more time with quality people who have the same beliefs and drive as you do; and limit your time with people who do not support you or align with what you want to do. Eliminate the toxic ones all together… you don’t need them

2. Media – Turn off the T.V, stop buying the newspaper and unfollow the news channels on your social media. The media/news is full of negative, dramatic stories that either make you feel sad or fearful. Unless of course for the sports updates at the end which make you feel a little better about the world and the cat who was stuck in a tree for 3 days and now is expecting to make a full recovery…. The rest is garbage. Absolute nonsense, politics, crime, economy, war, terrorism, illness, disease etc. etc, the list goes on. Switch it off. If you enjoy reading, pick up a personal development book and grow yourself, if you sit and watch the news, spend that time with loved ones and talk about real news.

3. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are all platforms which anyone can quickly upload a photo, a status or share someone elses post. The issue with social media is that most people now use it as their outlet to have their little whinge, Now there’s definitely nothing wrong with expressing your feelings but! Talk to a friend, a real person or the person directly instead of indirectly on a FB post. The negative statuses or the internet arguments with keyboard warriors are just like the news, sub-consciously killing your positive spark. The best fix to this is to do a big social media cull. Unfollow them on Instagram, delete them off snapchat and if you’re friends with them and don’t want to un-friend them on Facebook, just click “unfollow”, so you don’t have to see their garbage. Start friending positive people, make your social media platforms full of things that you want to see, things that inspire you.

4. Self Sabotage – What do you say to yourself when you talk to yourself? What words are you using when you talk to yourself as you drive your car, cook dinner, procrastinate? Are they positive? or are they negative? 92% of conversations that we have are with ourselves, so be careful what you say to yourself when you talk to yourself. You must have heard the phrase ‘he’s his own worst enemy’. I think that we can also be our own worst critic. There’s nothing wrong with self-awareness and looking at yourself honestly, but avoid reinforcing negative messages such as ‘I’m ugly, stupid and never achieve anything’. Look at what you can do instead, and have some faith in yourself. It’s fine to be aware of changes that you’d like to make, just don’t be a victim about it and blame everyone else apart from yourself. Be a victor, take the high road, put an action plan in place “Yes I am lazy, I haven’t exercised in over a month now, but today I am going to go for a 20 minute walk because I am grateful for this life and this new day”. Don’t get bottled up in it, Make the change!

5. Guidance – Who is giving you life, business, career, health and fitness advice right now?? Because there is a big problem with this in the world today. People love to think that they know everything, but there’s a problem… they don’t! If whoever you are taking advice from, does not have what you want; then you cannot listen to them. We listen to and take advice from people that don’t have what we want. They haven’t travelled the road you’re going down or they’ve tried and failed, so they’ll try and steer you down a different path because “it didn’t work for me”. So be mindful who you listen to.

Trimming this fat out of your life will make significant changes to your life. Increased productivity, clarity, energy and drive. We are so wound up in social media and bickering that we don’t even know who we are as humans anymore. We forget what we stand for, what our values are and what we believe in.

Live better….. trim the fat

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