Meet the Team

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Kris Preston

Owner / Founder

Kris took an interest in the fitness industry when he first set foot in a gym at age 15.


Admiring the condition of elite athlete’s, he was adamant to get himself up to that standard and hasn’t looked back. After hours of research as a teenager regarding nutrition timing and training styles, he soon found himself passing his knowledge onto others which has led him to where he is today.


Kris has worked with elite body builders and strength coaches in Australia so he knows the best and safest ways to teach lifting technique, lose weight and build muscle mass.


“When you’re not training, someone else is and when they meet you, they’ll beat you"

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John Corso

Head Coach / Manager

John has been around the exercise and sport teams from a young age and recently completing his degree in exercise science and human movement.


After spending time working as the Head strength and conditioning coach at Footscray-edge water Cricket club John then took to working more one on one with clients.


Jack Porteous

Assistant Head Coach/Assistant Manager

Jack lives and breathes strength training and really enjoys the body building side of it.

If you are wanting to increase lean muscle and make strength gains.. Jack is your go to.

His passion was ignited from his own body transformation and he now has a strong passion to help others increase their confidence by helping them achieve a body transformation.

"Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or in shape by thinking about it"


Nash Kemp


A familiar face around Functional Fitness, Nash began his time at FFP two years ago where he began to develop his love and passion for health and fitness.

Nash’s developed much of his knowledge while rehabbing his hip after a major surgery. From here he took to CrossFit to help re-strengthen his body. From here his passion and aspirations help individuals achieve their goals took shape. 

Having already completed his cert 3-4 Nash is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science & Masters in Exercise Physiology.